Tips for Wearing your Suit

What to wear under your suit

Invest in some athletic gear to be worn under your suit. Brands like Under Armor have tops and leggings called “Heat Gear” that are meant to be worn when doing activities out in the hot sun. These materials wick sweat away from the body to help keep you cool, and keep sweat off your bodysuit.

It may seem hot to wear long sleeves and leggings under your suit – but these spandex garments prolong the life of your suit, and keep the itchy back of the fur away from your skin.

Also get yourself a few balaclava. These are head coverings made in spandex, that have an opening for your face. These act in the same way as your under clothes – keeping sweat off your suit head, and out of your eyes.

Traveling with your suit

Whenever possible, store your suit in a plastic tote to protect it from getting squished. Especially items with foam structures like your head, and feet paws. Your head and paws can take a fair amount of beating, but there is a point of no return! Allow the durable walls of a plastic tote protect your precious fursuit.

If you have walked outside in your feet paws you may want to bag each foot in a grocery or garbage bag when storing it together with the rest of your items. This keeps dirty soles from rubbing against other fursuit components.

Deep-Cleaning (Washing)

*Treat your fursuits with care! Observe the look, feel and smell of your fursuit before deciding if it needs to be washed. You don’t need to wash it if it still looks nice, and smells fresh. Some people need to wash (at least the bodysuit) once they are back from each con. Others aren’t as sweaty and can wait a bit longer.

However, don’t wait to wash it until it smells completely foul – you may find the smell sticks and won’t completely come out in the wash.

Materials needed:

  • Washing machine (of course!)
  • Woolite Extra Delicate Care (or any similar soap)
  • Laundry bag with zipper
  • Two Medium Size Pillow Cases (for feet paws)

Body Suit

Turn the body suit inside out, take out digitigrade padding if need be, and place the bodysuit in the laundry bag. Have the washer set to delicate cycle with cold water (if you are using a top load washer, pour in the detergent when the water has filled the barrel more than halfway.

Hand paws, Feet Paws and Tail(s):

We suggest washing these separately from the body suit. Put the feet in pillow cases so any gunk from the shoe sole doesn’t get on the hand paws or tail. Again, set the washer to Delicate Cycle use cold water.

Upkeep for each time you go suiting:

Pet Brushes:

  • Slicker Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • Pin Brush

A Slicker brush is going to be your main brush for making your coat look nice! The other brushes are just if you want to be extra fancy and pamper your suit.

You should brush your suit each time you wear it so you don’t look like a grunge monster – unless that’s what you’re going for. 😛

Cleaning Solution:

  • Empty Spray Bottle (8 oz. Works best)
  • 70% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Water

Fill an empty spray bottle about halfway with rubbing alcohol, and fill the other half with room temperature water or distilled water. Just to be safe, we do not recommend adding any scented oils or any perfumes to the solution.

Do not spray this into your mouth or eyes. Hopefully that’s obvious.


When you are done wearing your suit, take it off and turn in inside out. Make sure you spray everywhere around the suit, but be sure that you hit the ‘hot spots’: under the armpits, neck line, behind the knees and the crotch. When it is dry to the touch, turn it right-side out, then spray it again, like you did on the inside.

For the feet and handpaws, make sure that you spray on the inside and then outside as well. Make sure that both are dry before wearing them again.

As for the head, make sure that you spray the outside and inside lightly, but NEVER saturate the inside of your head with this solution. If you want to be extra careful, you can put a dry hand or towel to prevent any damage to the eyes. Brush your head after spraying.

After Washing

Materials needed:

  • portable fan(s)
  • brush(es)
  • garment bag

When everything is done washing, DO NOT put it into the dryer. The Dryer is the Devil!! The heat of the dryer will cause the faux fur to melt. Check if there’s any excess water in the body suit; if there is- squeeze it out the best you can.

* If you have a dryer with a no-heat/air dry setting, this is an acceptable alternative. But it’s best to avoid using a dryer if at all possible.

Hang dry the body suit by turning it right-side out, and start brushing! Brush carefully along the seams so you don’t make any rips. Then, this is where the fans come in. Portable fans come in handy to air-dry your suit parts. Your feet paws and head will take additional time to dry due to their particular construction; they’re thicker and more complex than a bodysuit, hand paws or tail.

Once your bodysuit is dry and brushed out, a good way to store your suit is putting it in a garment bag and storing it in a closet. Hands and feet paws can be stored into a plastic tote. Make sure that you’re careful when storing your head; keep it out of direct sunlight and in a cool area.