What are the costs of your suits?

Partials start at $1500, Full Suits start at $2500.

Please refer to our Price Guide for a more detailed idea of our suit costs.

I want to know how much my suit will be but I don’t have the money to pay.

Please check our Price Guide for a general idea of our costs.

DO NOT submit a quote form if you are not capable of putting at least 1/3rd the total amount of your suit down within a week of receiving the quote.

If you want us to give you an estimate you may send an email to fursuitestimate@lemonbrat.com. Subject should be: Estimate for “my OC’s name here“. Please include ONE reference image. The price you will be given is an estimate of the minimum you should expect to pay, and is not a formal quote. You would still have to submit an official Quote Form when you are capable of paying.

How old do I have to be?

We ask that you be at least 18 years of age to purchase a fursuit.

If you are not 18 yet your parents may make the purchase for you.

Why can’t I submit my quote unless I have the money to pay?

When we give a quote we create your own custom listing with a detailed description of your suit, and drop-down-selection menus for any variables in the details you might like. Each of these listings take in excess of 30 minutes to work through each quote to ensure we have noted each detail, each possible option, and do some fabric research if needed.

It’s much easier for us to only receive quotes from people that are readily available to purchase such a complex costume, so we aren’t wasting both our time if you aren’t currently able to pay.

Why are your suits so expensive?

Each suit is a custom-made work of art; patterned and crafted just for the individual that orders, and made by professionals with over a decade of costume crafting experience.

Each full suit takes in excess of 60 hours to make from pattern drafting, to sculpting foam, to sewing, to finishing. All the materials are high-quality – fur yardage is a minimum of $25 a yard, plus all the other materials that go into a single suit. All that quality and care adds up!

If our prices are simply out of your price range perhaps you would like to consider buying one of our foam head bases and making your suit for yourself!

What kind of payments do you accept?

Will will be creating a custom listing just for your suit that contains all your suit’s details. From here you can purchase with paypal, credit card, or send in check or money order.

Suits are not started until checks have cleared into account.

We highly advise against sending cash in the mail. We are not responsible for lost mail.

If you would like to arrange to make a payment direct to us at a convention please contact us ahead of time for details.

Can you make me a suit “in the style of . . .”

As with all suit makers, we have a style that’s specific to us. We hope that if you are seeking us out it’s because you like our style specifically – and want all that adorable cuteness we have to offer! If you want a style that’s more realistic, or less cute you should seek out a different suit maker. There are a lot of fine craftspeople out there!

What species can you make?

A lot! We are currently sticking to animal general head base for right now, but our head bases are pretty versatile! When in doubt you can always drop us an email and ask.

What is the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for a suit?

We take 2-3 months to complete a fursuit commission, so please plan accordingly. Don’t ask us to make you a rushed suit simply because you want it for a specific event that’s less than 3 months away.

Stated TAT assumes you are paying off your suit in 2 months or less.  Elongated payment plans extend the turn-around time of your suit, as well as sending your DTD late.

Do I need a Reference Sheet?

Yes! Your suit is based on a detailed Ref Sheet that shows front, side(s), and back of your character and lists any specific details. If it’s not on the Ref Sheet, it doesn’t go on the suit! You may commission someone for it, or draw it yourself. If your Ref Sheet isn’t clearly detailed we cannot use it to quote from.

We offer a Ref Sheet Drawing Service which you can use at any time in preparation for getting a quote. Because this is drawn by Ostrom (head lemonbrat designer) it will reflect our suit style nicely!

Do I need to send a Duct Tape Dummy?

Yes! And it must be beautiful! Well, as beautiful as a DTD can be. We require your DTD by the time you’ve paid 75% of your fursuit off. Please refer to our helpful DTD video.

Do you ship internationally?

We are located in Chicago, IL USA. We DO ship internationally. Please be aware that customers are responsible for all shipping charges and any customs charges they may incur.

The country you live in reserves the right to charge a customs fee on any imported items.  Customs charges can be as much as 1/3 the total cost of the item depending on the country. You may check with your country’s post for more specifics.

We insure all our packages the full value of the items when shipping. If we were to insure the package for a lower value so as to avoid high customs charges then your suit would not be covered from damage during transit or missing packages. We would not be responsible if it arrived damaged or missing.