This page is currently a work-in-progress! The price chart will be updated soon with pictures and more detailed information.

Prices for partials start at $1500

This includes: Head, hand paws, sleeves, tail. This can also include feet paws, or leg covers (like sleeves for your legs if you wear shorts!).

Full suits start at $2500

This includes: Head, bodysuit with attached sleeves, tail, hand paws, feet paws.



  • Our heads are cast in urethane foam, with added carved foam as needed. Each head has a zipper down the back of the head, and a soft fabric liner. Tongues are fleece and teeth come standard in faux leather. Hard teeth can be installed upon request.
  • We can do toonie or follow-me eyes.

Standard sized head $950+
Fairly large toonie head that looks nice as a partial or on a suit.

Hand Paws

  • Paws start at $85 for unlined. Lined starts at $125.
  • We can do 4 or 5-fingered paws, and 4-fingered claw paws.
  • Paws with puff fingers add $85 to total paw price.
  • Our paws come standard with paw pads.
  • We can do silicone pads, or hard claws upon request.

Body Styles:

Plantigrade $950+
For a more human look. Plantigrade suits are also more comfortable and little less warm than Digitigrade.

Digitigrade $1250+
Comes with removable leg padding to create a more animal-like look. Thigh padding is adjustable – add or remove stuffing as needed.

Sleeve Set

  • Sleeves start at $85
  • Sleeves come with a finished fleece edge at shoulder, and a connecting elastic worn across your back.
  • If you are buying a full suit that you intend to also partial in you will need to purchase a Sleeve Set as the sleeves of the suit are attached.

Tails under

  • Tails start at $45.
  • Smaller tails under 1ft start at $45. You can average $40 extra per foot to attain a very rough estimate of tail cost.
  • Most tails are detached from the bodysuit via  reinforced slots at the bum of the suit.
  • Tails can be worn with any 1-2” wide belt.
  • Tail can be attached to suit upon request.

Feet Paws:

Feet Paws come with a built-in slip-on shoe for a secure fit, and a zipper up the back. Standard feet paws are made to be 10-12”  tall from floor to cuff of shoe. Longer lengths can be made upon request.

Outdoor Paws $250+
Outdoor door paws have a thick mat sole that can take more wear and tear than indoor feet paws.

Indoor Paws $300
Indoor paws have faux leather paw pads on the sole. They are not meant for outside use.

Yes, we can make:

  • Bird wings, dragon wings, and basically any other wings you can think of.
  • Scutes, spikes, and horns. We mostly commonly make them in faux leather.
  • Stripes and spots.
  • Tattoo-like markings.
  • Tails in all shapes and sizes.
  • Big ears, small ears, no ears, fin ears and more.
  • Big eyes, and kemono eyes.
  • Ribbed tummies for dragons, monsters, and dinos.
  • Big stompy feet, or small (quiet) feet

Please remember that the more details your suit has the more expensive it will be. For example: large, highly detailed wings and tails increase the price, as well as lots of spots and stripes.